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About Us

“Shekinah – Help The Needy” is a Foundation which operates in Maastricht The Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce N. 65923650) under the Shekinah Evangelical Church . The aim of the Foundation is to help people of modest means, Asylum seekers and refugees status holders, and all the needy young and old. We also help people with mental and psychological problems. We have been active since 2012. In recent years, we have thousands of young and elderly people helped with their difficult living conditions.

What we Do

  • We receive the people weekly; we give a listening ear, pray with them, providing hot meals. We also provide useful information that can help them to get their lives in order and strengthen their participation in our society. If necessary, we refer them to the various professional bodies in Maastricht and Limburg. We also accompany them to appointments which have been made in case of necessary interpretation into Dutch language to support them, but also to ensure that they actually go for these appointments.
  • We also train them to study the Dutch Language and for those interested we offer music lessons once a week in collaboration with the ‘Music Sound Academy’ in Maastricht.
  • We organize activities like quizzes and concerts once in a while for our audience to bring to them a sense of joy and happiness.
  • In addition to the meetings at the weekend we are visiting these people also during the week. So we try to guide them in their quest for a better life, until they are strong enough to stand on their own.
  • When they are unable to pay out health insurance, we help them by paying the bills: especially the dentist (orthodontist) or other care. Especially for children, this is important when their parents cannot afford the bills. This should not lead to lack of care.
  • If necessary, we also provide temporary housing for the homeless. Then we help these people at the approach to a more permanent solution through housing corporations. The goal is that they eventually learn and live independently.
  • Our experience over the years is that our commitment coupled with our prayers have a very positive effect. After a few months of contact and regular visits they regain their self-trust, and therefore their quality of life. They find another reason to smile. That gives us confirmation that our commitment does matter for these people and we want to strengthen our efforts and make it even more sustainable.

We are a nonprofit organization and ask for your kind assistance in funding our activities to help the needy.

Thank you and God bless you.

Our contact

Stichting Shekinah – Help The Needy
Aesculaapstraat 4
6216 CM Maastricht

Email : stichtinghelptheneedy@outlook. com
Tel      : 0031 438505456
IBAN  : NL26INGB0007375141