Pastor Mariana Vanstipelen

About Pastor Mariana Vanstipelen

Pastor Mariana Vanstipelen is the lead pastor and founder of Shekinah Evangelical Church in the Netherlands.

In 1991, she dedicated her life to Christ while completing her first Master’s degree at the University of Windhoek in Namibia. She immediately joined the deliverance-focused Bible school, Faith Clinic, and was anointed as ‘Rock’ by God’s grace after the order of Peter.

Pastor Mariana Vanstipelen
Pastor Mariana Vanstipelen
Pastor Mariana is deeply passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with the nations. She has visited 11 African countries for the Gospel, including Angola, Namibia, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Liberia, and Cameroon. In 1997, she arrived in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as a young preacher committed to helping the body of Christ through church planting and deliverance sessions.

In Europe, Pastor Mariana regularly ministers in cities across the Netherlands, and she is currently based in Maastricht. She also frequently ministers in London, Germany, and Belgium. Fluent in eight languages, she believes God has gifted her with these languages to reach His people in a more nurturing way.

Shekinah Evangelical Church supports orphanages in Kenya, Cameroon, and Uganda. The church’s vision is to work with God to bring revival and deliverance in the Netherlands and globally. They believe that loving God and helping people is the essence of their existence and are passionate about reaching people with the love of Jesus Christ.
Pastor Mariana is married and a mother of two children who have been involved in ministry from a young age.
In July 2017, she received the Impartation Award from the “All Stars Europe Minister Award” by the House of Refuge Ministry in the Netherlands.
Since October 2021, Pastor Mariana has been working in partnership with the Jethro Foundation, which has led her to travel regularly to Central Africa for seminars and conferences to train pastors and ministers of the fivefold ministries of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since June 2022, Pastor Mariana has been collaborating with the Femmes en Mission Mondiale (FMM) Association as Vice President to support abandoned children and women experiencing violence and abuse.
In addition to her church work, she founded as Charity organization called ‘Help The Needy’ in the Netherlands, which supports individuals struggling with debt, loneliness and depression.

HTN organizes weekly meal times, concerts, children’s programs, and listening sessions, providing counselling, spiritual therapy, deliverance and healing, and giving hope to the depressed and oppressed, the lonely of all ages, asylum seekers, and those with minimal income.
Professionally, Pastor Mariana holds two Master’s degrees and has worked at the Spanish Embassy in Côte d’Ivoire for two years. In Amsterdam, she studied Computing and became certified in Database Administration. She has worked at Hewlett Packard and the School of Computing in Amsterdam, receiving extensive training and diplomas in Database Administration from Siebel and Oracle. Her professional experience includes roles at Swift, Ricoh, Elsevier, and more.

Pastor Mariana is an accomplished author, with numerous books to her name, including Heaven of a Good Marriage, which provides 70 keys to a successful marriage, The Creative Power of Prayer, and Happy Christian.

Pastor Mariana is involved in translating Christian literature with a team of dedicated Christian translators in Sarajevo. These books are sent to organizations in over 100 countries, providing valuable information related to faith, moral principles, church, and ministries, and offering advice and guidance for Christian events and training opportunities.

Her translation team has worked on translating various books into multiple languages, including:
“Valuable” by Prof. Laura (translated from English to French)
50 books by Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills (translated from English to Dutch).
We give Glory to GOD Almighty!!