If you have been richly blessed by God and would like to use some of your resources in the service of God, you can partner with us in our service to God and humanity. We need partners who sponsor capital-intensive projects that we have like: “Help the needy”; “A home for the homeless”; and more.

There are people out there who, through no fault of theirs, find themselves in situations where they are unable to help themselves. They need help in various aspects of their lives. You may wish to help these people but do not have the time or the opportunity to reach them. At Shekinah Evangelical Church, our mission is to bring help to those who need it and we have a system in place to do so. When you give of your money, you are assured that it will be put to the best possible use to bring succor to those in need in line with the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 25:40) Any amount is appreciated and we trust that God will reward you abundantly according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.


Become our partner