The idea came to us a few years back, then we started by visiting Cameroon last year, we saw that there was much need for help: with clean water, building for Church worship, also training for locals in area of managing resources and a lot more.

  • We want to start concretely with a well of clean water in a village in Cameroon called Makak; that will require the means of support; after that we shall construct about 2 more wells in the zone which will cost less because the materials might have been acquired already with the building of the first well.
  • We noticed that many people in Cameroon want to go to Church but they worship outside because no fonds to build even just a plain hall with a roof for Sunday meetings; that will be our next project because we believe that prayer can be helpful to the locals psychologically as well for their mental stability and spiritual welfare.
  • At the same time there are a lot of resources in Cameroon as we notice but sincerely the locals have no good understanding of what to do with all that they have. We want to set up a team to go on ground for a few weeks (yearly) and start to train them to make use of the soil for agriculture, to work together in unity to plant a lot of crops, that will help them to have at least food for the children and the parents, then sell some of the goods for money to take care of their medical bills.
  • There is a lot to do, we are willing and ready to be of help to the needy only we need financial support and materials also for the projects, meaning if the sponsors can give us the money we shall be very thankful also those who can cover our trips by buying a ticket to Cameroon, some can also give or send materials for construction; or even go with us; help us with the publication of our training material;  all these means of help will be appreciated.

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