Ministry to drug addicts

Drug addiction is one of the greatest scourges in our society today. This plague has:

  • No age limit
  • No class limit
  • No breed limit
  • No religion limit

No gender limit As messengers, ambassadors of the good news of salvation and redemption in the Evangelical Church Shekinah, we pray and stand as good examples for those who are victims of this scourge.

They can reflect themselves through us through the power of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit who is within us to rise again from where they went wrong, to the place where they should be: free, clean, saved, and ultimately become an example to others through the power of Life, which is in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for the glory of God the Father.

Acts 10:28 – He said to them, “You know that Jews are forbidden to associate with Gentiles and not to come to their homes, but God has made it clear to me that I must not regard any man as reprehensible or unclean.