Welcome to The Evangelical Church Shekinah in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Shekinah means “God who manifests Himself in the fullness of His glory in the lives of His people. The Evangelical Church Shekinah is a place of reconciliation and restoration of peace and love, of peace and tranquility. A place where you can enjoy true restoration leading you to the fullness of life our Lord Jesus died for, so that you may have it.  Jesus Christ, our Lord has come, that we may have life, and have abundance.

John 10: 10b – To this end the Son of God was revealed, that He might break the works of the devil. John 3: 8b.

Thy gift is a holy seed. Your generosity is honored; your gift is used in the most effective way to help the needy. We care for the poor with food, clothing, basic necessities, help and hope. We also use your gifts to spread the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to all creatures through our ministries to preserve divine values in our society.

The Evangelical Church Shekinah is a member of the Evangelical Council of Churches in the Netherlands and is officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC. 56660561) and with the tax authorities.

Our prayer is that the Lord bless you and desire your heart. More than you ask or think the Lord will do for you and your family, according to His power, which works in us for the progress of His kingdom.

Your seed will be planted in good soil and there will be a great harvest, placing you at the center of fulfilling your divine destiny in Jesus’ name. God bless you indeed.

The Evangelical Church Shekinah is supported by the gifts of generous partners like you for the advancement of the Work and Kingdom of Our God.

Your gifts and sacrifices are welcome as a seed planted for a hundredfold harvest.

The Evangelical Church Shekinah has ANBI status and you are entitled to a tax refund. God bless you and enrich you in the Name of our Lord Jesus.
The bank details of the church in the Netherlands:

Shekinah Evangelische Kerk
IBAN: NL96 INGB0006158277

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